Guillian Hernandez

B.Sc. University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez where I majored in Industrial Biotechnology and completed both a minor in Plant biosecurity and a certification in Biochemistry. During my undergrad I was introduced to the world of molecular biology, specifically working with DNA barcoding of the Lotus genus and was then when I started to gain interest in plants as research organisms. I love working with molecular approaches to plants as I believe it to be both an exciting and constantly evolving field. My interests in research are understanding and manipulating plants in a way that help increase their productivity now and in the future. I believe it’s important to understand abiotic stressors for plants as future times will require more resilient plants and understanding what that means for each plant under a specific stressor is important. That’s why my main goal within the Leisner lab is to further study the relation between plants and abiotic stressors and how plants could be developed into resisting them in a future. 

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